LINIOTECH 5.12KWh 100Ah 51.2V & High Voltage LiFePO4 Lithium Solar Battery Rack Stackable Smart Module Parallel and Series ( 1000V)!

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Product Overview

LINIOTECH 5.12 KWh 100Ah 51.2V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Solar Rack Stackable - parrallel & Series

It can be parallel and series with our smart BMS module. Can be use for 48V and High Voltage up to 1000V!! 

The power cable interface and communication cable interface.


1. The Energy Storage battery has following features:
2. Energy storage unit: This battery is suit for photovoltaic system compatibility.
3. Battery management system (BMS): The battery built-in BMS monitors its operation
and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations.
4. Monitor: The battery BMS built-in with WIFI module, the battery running information
could be seeing in mobile phone and computer.
5. Easy firmware update: The BMS firmware can be updated to the latest version.
6. Expandability: The battery capacity can be increased by adding another battery.


The invention discloses an energy storage battery module management system supporting remote
monitoring and control functions, which is applied to a remote monitoring service platform. The
application program establishes communication with the battery management system, and the
remote monitoring service platform or the application program can read The real-time operation
data of the battery number can be obtained, and the relevant protection parameters of the battery
management system can be set or modified. The battery management system includes but is not
limited to: software control board, hardware protection board and other battery management
systems built by hardware. or platform. The energy storage battery module management system that
supports remote monitoring and control functions can meet the normal operation requirements of
energy storage products, and can also realize remote troubleshooting and resolution. For energy
storage products, "light + storage" and "electricity + storage" systems are highly efficient provide

The invention discloses an electric vehicle battery pack in the technical field of battery packs for
electric vehicles, comprising a battery pack, a battery management system and a communication
module, and the battery pack is electrically connected to the battery management system in both
directions.The battery management system is set to collect the status of the battery pack data,
electric vehicle battery pack code and fault code, and the battery management system is electrically
connected to the communication module in both directions, the communication module is
electrically connected to the cloud platform in both directions, and the cloud platform is electrically
connected to the intelligent terminal in both directions. The real-time monitoring of the package
status can quickly and accurately locate the location of the faulty electric vehicle battery pack and the
type of failure when the electric vehicle battery pack sends a fault. It can control the total amount of
data transmission and reduce the pressure of data communication on the cloud platform. , which not
only ensures the uniqueness of data in communication, but also improves the security of
communication and reduces the risk of network intrusion.



Power-on/off management (including automatic wake-up): Mainly in off-grid systems, due to complex operating conditions, the battery will run out of power until it shuts down. Solve the problem of manual operation to improve customer experience when restarting. When the battery runs out of power and shuts down, it does not need to be powered on manually when it needs to be restarted.

Just check the inverter battery automatic start option. When the photovoltaic or grid starts the inverter again, the BAT port of the inverter will output a voltage of about 48V in a short time, and this voltage will act as the start of the BMS. After the BMS is activated, the energy storage battery works normally. When the energy storage system needs to be shut down, after pressing the power button, the BMS starts to shut down and reduces the capacitor voltage in the BAT circuit of the inverter within 10S (BMS management module discharges). If the capacitor voltage cannot drop to 12V within 10S within, the battery will restart. It is necessary to disconnect the battery and the main circuit of the inverter, and shut down again.

In the triple protection, the effective guarantee of the safety of the person (For LFP-5.8kWh/LV series):

When a short circuit occurs in the circuit, the circuit breaker acts as the primary protection, the fuse acts as the secondary protection, and the relay acts as the tertiary protection (final protection). In the case of protecting the safe operation of the energy storage battery, the circuit breaker can reduce the damage of other components (fuses), reduce after-sales, and effectively ensure the safety of life.

The same type of product can be connected in parallel or in series:

In order to meet the working conditions of highvoltage inverter and low-voltage inverter in energy storage scenarios. Energy storage inverters can be roughly divided into high-voltage inverters and low-voltage inverters. When a lithium battery is used in combination with a low-voltage inverter, the batteries are connected in parallel, and the number of batteries can be increased only according to the customer's capacity requirements;

when used in combination with a high-voltage inverter, the batteries are connected in series. To reach the starting voltage of the inverter, and then according to the customer's requirements for capacity, first connect the 8 batteries in series and then in parallel to achieve the capacity requirements.

SOC dynamic calibration: The home energy storage operating conditions are complex, and the SOC cannot be fully charged and discharged in time for calibration, resulting in inaccurate SOC; even SOC jump phenomenon occurs. During the customer's use, the battery cannot be fully charged due to photovoltaic power, inverter power or due to weather conditions, also the battery cannot be completely emptied when discharging. When the battery runs under above conditions for a long time, the battery SOC error will become bigger and bigger, and even SOC sudden change will occur. In response to this situation, we will collect data on various working conditions, and write test data such as cell voltage, total voltage, and temperature data into the software.

During operation, when the SOC error is found to be too big and the calibration conditions are met, the SOC Dynamic calibration will start (SOC will not suddenly change ), and the SOC error will be infinitely reduced.

Parallel strategy: After adding a new battery of the same type to the original system, it can be used normally. In the process of use, customers add new batteries of the same type to the original parallel system to meet the new capacity demand.

Before adding a new battery, competitor manufacturers will ask to(add a current limiting module) achieve a certain voltage difference through continuous short-circuit and parallel connection. Liniotech BMS has designed a parallel strategy to prevent large current shocks caused by paralleling. Reduce installation worker wait, operation time and improve operational safety.


Warranty Information

12 years


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