Liniotech Split Phase Max 12KVA PV Input 8Kw Solar Inverter Hybrid Solar Power System

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Product Overview




Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows basic application of this inverter.

It also includes following devices to have a Complete running system.

- Generator or Utility

- PV modules

Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements.

This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment, including motor type appliances such as refrigerator and air conditioner.



PV Input

PV Input Power 12KW
MPPT Number 4
PV Voltage Range
MPPT Voltage Range
Single MPPT Input Current 12A
Max Charging/Discharging Current 190A/190A
Battery Voltage Range 48V
Battery Type Lithium-ion,Lead-acid
Back-up AC Output
Rated Backup Output Power 8KVA
Max Backup Output Power 10KVA 60S,12KVA 1S
Backup AC Output Voltage

120Vac/240Vac (Split phase),208Vac (2/3 phase)

,230Vac (Single phase)

AC Frequency 50/60Hz
Output THDI <2%
On Grid AC Output 
Rate AC Output Power 8KVA
AC Output Voltage

120Vac/240Vac (Split phase),208Vac (2/3 phase)

,230Vac (Single phase)

AC Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Grid Type Split phase, 2/3 phase, Single phase
Max Output Current 38.3A
AC Reverse Charging Yes
PF 0.8leading...0.8lagging
Output THDI <2%
Max Eifficiency >=98.2%
CEC Eifficiency >=97.2%
General Data
Operating Temperature Range -25~+60℃
Environment Humidity 0-95%
Altitude 0-4000M (over 2000M derating)
IP Rank IP65/NEMA 3R
Cooling Fan
Noise (dB)  <29dB
Communication Modbus;RS485;WIFI;4G
Weight (kg) 45KG
Size (Length*Width*Height mm) 430×710×210mm
Display LCD
Safty EN61000-6-1,EN61000-6-3,FCC 15 clase B
EMC IEC62109-1,IEC62109-2
On Grid UL1741,IEEE1547,RULE21,VDE0126,AS4777,NRS2017,G98,G99


This inverter is compatible with most of the battery storage system and with our LINIOTECH 10 KWH Power Reserve Power Wall Battery Storage.

Say Goodbye to BLACKOUTS. With LINIOTECH 10 KWH Power Reserve Power Wall Battery Storage, you will never lose power during an power outage and can save big on your utility bill.

This energy storage system that keeps your home powered during an power outage—and provides energy independence from the grid. For those homes equip with solar panels, The Power Reserve Power Wall system will store the solar energy gathered throughout the day when sun is up and reserves that energy for use for night use and whenever you want it. This system will be your energy bank account where you can make deposits and withdrawals as needed.

Power Reserve Power Wall system comprises of a battery and is able to be coupled DC input configurations. These components can be installed indoors (e.g., your garage) or outdoors (e.g., side of the house). And best of all, Power Reserve is compatible with ANY solar panel installation.


With LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall, you can store excess solar energy throughout the day—and then use that energy to power your home at night. It’s the perfect system for people who like saving big on their utility bills.

Coupling Battery Type
Maximum Power Output (60 Seconds)
Charge/Discharge Efficiency
LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall is outdoor-rated so it can be installed in your basement, in your garage, or on the back of your house. Inside. Outside. Wherever you want it, that’s where we’ll install it.


LINIOTECH Power Reserve Power Wall battery is reliable, safe, simple and smart. It provides the lowest lifetime engergy cost with backup for both new and retrofit solar customers. 


Reliable: The sytem has may unique features such as the high reliability, long service life and high energy efficiency of CATL's battery systems, "renewable energy + energy storage" has more advantages in cost per kWh in the whole life cycle. 20 years limited warranty!

Smart and Safety: Starting from great safety materials, system safety, and whole life cycle safety, the Contemporary Amperex Technology battery pursues every possibility to improve product safety. Mobile app based monitoring. 


The lithium-ion battery technology and renewable energy power generation technology form a joint system. Through the high-level consistency of cells and the powerful computing of BMS, Contemporary Amperex Technology enables the power generation to restore a stable power grid, optimize the power output curve, reduce solar and wind curtailment, provide system inertia and the functions of frequency and peak modulation, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total power generation, and optimize the energy structure.


Please contact us for Distributor / OEM / Private labeling Opportunity!! 


◆ Experience--More than 15 years Specialized in lithium battery, Leaders of Lithium Lifepo4 Battery. 
◆ Certification--CE/ROSH/UL/VDE/MSDS/UN38.3,Test Report from National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products approved.
◆ Quality Control-- 37 production process,7 steps quality check to promise stable quality and high reliability for you.
◆ Best Material-- Insist on choosing top quality cell, material and accessories,lithium battery last longer time.
◆ Fresh battery-- All battery is fresh Production.

Warranty Information

15 Years of Warranty!


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