Sol-Ark 8K 120/240/208V 48V All-In-One Hybrid Inverter INDOOR/OUTDOOR NEMA-3R 5 year warranty Solar Inverter Solar Power System

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Product Overview


Sol-Ark 8K 120/240/208V 48V All-In-One Hybrid Inverter INDOOR/OUTDOOR NEMA-3R Compatible with LINIOTECH 10 KWh 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Sol-Ark 8K recommened to pair with 20 kwh to 30 kwh each inverter for best performance and life cycle.

Sol-Ark 12K recommened to pair with 20 kwh to 40 kwh each inverter for best performance and life cycle.

Sol-Ark 15K recommened to pair with 20 kwh to 40 kwh each inverter for best performance and life cycle.

Features & Benefits

Easy Install

The 8K INVERTER comes with everything you need to install it. Nicely packaged for added efficiency.

Fleet Management

With Sol-Ark’s remote access features and app you are never out of touch to quickly repair or adjust any system without being on site.

AC/DC Coupling

Supports simultaneous DC and AC coupling. Boosts PV energy without increasing PV array size and reduces storage inverter costs.

Warranty and Reliability

Comes with our award winning iron clad warranty and our 7 day a week live engineering support to assist you in all your needs.


At Sol-Ark We Believe In Solar For EVERYONE. Not Only Do We Make Solar Easy, But Also Economical And Affordable 

No Glitch Transfer Switch

Hybrid Inverter Reduces Costs by Over 30%

The Sol-Ark 8k is a great choice solar/hybrid inverter! It’s an all-in-one, pre-wired inverter with built in charge controllers and many other built-in feature fitted as standard. It is flexible, efficient, and affordable. Everything you need comes in one box, keeping your cost LOW and installation SIMPLE.


  • Grid Tied Mode: Sell your power to the grid
  • Meter Zero Mode: Zero your whole home power
  • Time of Use: Use batteries to avoid $$ power
  • 120/240/208V

Supplied as standard

120/240V 50A Breakers
  • AC In/Out: 9kW
  • AC Load Out: 20kWpk
  • Battery Temp sensor
  • Auto-Generator Start
  • PV Rapid Shut Down
  • Built in Arc Fault and Ground Fault detection
  • External current sensors
  • Battery communications
  • Smart Load: Programmable Loads for high power off-grid items saves battery capacity
  • AC Coupling: Add backup to 7kW of existing Grid Tie Installs
  • Peak Shaving: Reduces peak demand charges


SKU Sol-Ark-8K-5Y
Weight 74.000000
Accessory Type Inverter Charger
Battery Voltage 48
Inverter Power Rating 8KW
Power (Watts) 8000
Standard Warranty 5 years
Manufacturer Sol-Ark
class Battery based Inverter/charger


Sol-Ark's 8kW hybrid inverter solar system incorporates a battery-based inverter, charge controller, display with remote monitoring, auto generator start, load center with breakers, rapid shutdown, and WiFi connectivity into a single pre-wired system enclosed in an outdoor-rated housing.

In addition to the easy installation of the single pre-wired housing, Sol-Ark 8k has also excelled in the area of PV-to-AC efficiency, boasting a CEC-weighted efficiency of 96% (peak performance up to 97%) - meaning a smaller solar array can be used to get the same amount of power as systems with other inverters.

This hybrid inverter solar system simultaneously manages power to and from a solar PV array, a battery bank, the grid, a backup generator, and your loads. It supports 8kW of continuous power for off-grid production, and up to 8kW continuous for grid-tied production.

Being pre-wired with so many system components already integrated, Sol-Ark's hybrid inverters make a great choice - and an easy installation - for larger single-family sized off-grid, grid-tie, or battery backup solar installations. For very large systems, use the Sol-Ark 12Ks, which can be combined for up to 8 units stacked in parallel.


Applications for a Sol-Ark 8K Hybrid Inverter System

The Sol-Ark system is great for off-grid PV systems, AC coupling an existing grid-tie system, or as the heart of a brand new grid-tie system with battery backup, offering the following operation modes:

  • Sell power back to the utility to reduce your electric bill with Grid-Tie Mode (for net metering where service current is 200A or more, you will also need a pair of 200A current transformers)
  • Zero your electric bill without adding a new smart meter with Meter Zero Mode
  • Use solar and batteries to minimize consumption of grid power when it's most expensive with Time-Of-Use Mode
  • Use Smart Load Mode for a programmable output for high-power off-grid loads or grid-tied time-of-use loads to run only when there is adequate solar power available


Sol-Ark 8K Hybrid Inverter System Features

  • Grid-interactive and off-grid capability in one pre-wired package
  • Can be used with or without batteries (batteries can be added later)
  • Pre-wired and easy to install with no external components
  • 2x integrated charge controllers support six PV strings (three per MPPT) of up to 500V each
  • Supports up to 11kW of solar (5.5kW per MPPT)
  • Provides power when the grid goes down
  • Color touch screen
  • Supports a wide variety of 48V batteries, from lead acid to lithium
  • Supports time-of-use optimization
  • Supports the use of a generator
  • Industry-leading CEC efficiency of 96%
  • Industry-leading 4ms transfer time when switching from grid power to batteries
  • Wifi connectivity
  • NEMA 3R enclosure (rated for outdoor use)
  • Listed to UL1741-SA, California Rule 21, and Hawaii 14H grid requirements
  • NEC-compliant with rapid shutdown
  • 5-year warranty


Sol-Ark 8K Hybrid Inverter System Design Considerations

  • Primarily designed for grid-tie and standalone off-grid applications
  • Maximum PV input wattage is 11,000 Watts (5500 Watts per MPPT)
  • Damage will occur if the PV temperature compensated Voc (for the coldest temperature expected) exceeds 550V
  • PV production stops if voltage exceeds 500V (500 Voc max)
  • Each parallel string of solar panels on a given MPPT must be the same voltage - however, each MPPT can have a different voltage (number of panels in series)
  • Max number of solar panels in series:
    • 10 (60-cell panels)
    • 9 (72-cell panels)
    • 6 (96-cell panels)
    • Note that these are for reference ONLY; always calculate maximum voltage for your specific solar panels and string sizes


Whats Inside the 8K box

• Manual-Read here
• WiFi Plug with screws
• Want to buy a PowerView Dongle?Click here to order
• Battery Resistors-2
• Limiter Sensors (sm)-2
• Toroid
• Allen Key
• Mounting Bracket
• Battery Temp Sensor


Warranty Information

5 Years of Warranty!


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