All You Need To Know About Hybrid Solar Power Systems

All You Need To Know About Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Posted by LinioTech on Apr 5th 2023

Going all solar doesn’t mean installing solar panels when you can achieve more by opting for hybrid solar power systems. A hybrid solar power system is also a renewable energy system that is grid-tied and comprises battery storage. The batteries in the hybrid system store excess energy for use when there is no light.

Having hybrid solar systems as your commercial energy storage system is a great investment since they are efficient, reliable, and cost-efficient. Liniotech has the best and most affordable hybrid solar systems that you can use for both commercial and residential purposes. But before you shop for an energy-saving and reliable commercial energy storage system, here is everything you need to know about it.

What Are Hybrid Solar Power Systems?

Solar power systems come in three forms, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. A hybrid solar power system offers the best of both worlds by having the good features of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. It is connected to the grid through net metering and houses a battery backup to store power. The stored energy goes through a hybrid solar inverter to generate electricity.

The power backup facility is the most important feature of a hybrid solar system since you can continue to use electricity without any disruptions, even when there are power outages. It is for this reason that a hybrid solar power system is an ideal commercial energy storage system since no shortage of electricity can pose a hindrance in your operations, nor the extra energy is wasted since the battery stores the extra energy.

What Are The Components Of A Hybrid Solar Power System

The hybrid solar power system comprises:

Solar Panel: Solar panels convert solar energy into DC electricity. The solar panel is a vital component of the solar system.

Hybrid Inverter: It regulates the voltage and converts DC to AC voltage which makes them relevant for household appliances.

DCDB: The DC delivery box has a fuse, SPD, and MCB for security. The DCDB joins multiple solar panel wires into a string with positive and negative outputs.

Charging Controller: It enhances the battery life by keeping in check the quantity of power going inside the battery.

Why A Hybrid Solar System Should Be Used As A Commercial Energy Storage System

A hybrid solar power system is the best option if you wish to prevent the losses that power outages incur or if the utility company has time-of-use rates, demands chargers, or does not have a net metering policy. The backup system of the hybrid system makes sure you get a non-stop supply of power that comes without any cost.

Cost Efficient

You get to enjoy years of low energy rates and are protected from future rate hikes. You can also manage the time of use of electricity for maximum savings on electric bills.

Flexibility and Scalability

You get hybrid systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of your company and are also scalable for future energy use. The battery bank is seized to meet the needs of critical load requirements and will be used as required. Therefore, a hybrid PV system promises flexibility and scalability that are not offered by any other mechanisms.

Environment Sustainability

Hybrid solar panels help you in reducing your carbon footprint without compromising your business operations. You can carry out your business responsibilities as well as play your part in the preservation of the environment.

The popularity of solar energy is increasing and will continue to grow in the coming years, given the feasibility it allows, in addition to being a clean energy source.

Install a hybrid solar power system by shopping at Liniotech for a hybrid solar battery power system that suits your needs. You will find the perfect hybrid solar systems here that meet the emerging demand of your company and help you save millions that could otherwise be spent on further growth and development of your business.