Protect Your Business from Fluctuating Energy Costs with Commercial Energy Storage System

Posted by LinioTech on Jun 20th 2022

Power management is critical for industries. The rising costs can jeopardize operations and can be daunting for small companies, which makes it essential to identify economic options. One of the answers to the growing energy problems is the installation of commercial energy storage systems that helps in mitigating power shortages and reduces the burden of high costs.

High energy storage proves to be beneficial for struggling brands with energy management as such systems offer more control over distributed energy resources, cost-saving on demand charges, backup power against grid outages, and incorporation of renewables that encourage sustainable and economical business practices. With Liniotech, you can get a top-end commercial energy storage system that will offer you a range of benefits that include:

Better Demand Charge Management

Many industries are required to pay demand charges that are based on their peak electricity usage. This account for around 30%-70% of overall energy expenditures included on a commercial electric bill. The commercial energy storage systemcan provide significant cost savings in such cases. It discharges energy during the highest periods of usage,which reduces the load during the peak periods, helping with reduced demand charges.

Energy Storage Provides Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to keep the electricity on even in the event of adverse conditions, which include storm events or other types of utility outages. The commercial energy storage system provides emergency backup power. You can pair energy storage with a solar panel system and keep your lights on even in the event of a grid outage. The resiliency benefit makes these storage systems popular among business owners.

Load Shifting

It is a strategic technique that can reduce energy spending. When employing load shifting, a special algorithm analyzes consumption patterns and storage efficiency that helps in determining the best time to charge and discharge the stored energy. The highest load is shifted to non-peak hours. It thus allows for the efficient usage of the energy storage systems, using their maximum cost-saving potential.

Additional Grid Benefits

Energy storage systems do more for the grid than just allow for additional renewable energy. Electrical systems make use of energy systems to stay up and running. It can provide frequency support and decrease the need for fossil fuel-powered resources on the grid. The commercial energy storage systems are fast-acting and quickly respond to energy injections in times of need.

Respond To Demand Increase

Your power bills are made of two factors: total energy used throughout the month and peak power demand during high-use periods. By installing a commercial energy storage systembehind the meter, you can reduce the demand costs significantly. It then instantly addresses peaks in the system load with backup power to mitigate high demand costs.

Apart from all monetary benefits, the use of energy systems also helps in the saving of the environment, which is in dire need of fixing. With Liniotech, play your part in the preservation of the environment. To get a reliable commercial energy storage system for your businesses, browse through Liniotech’s energy storage systems to get quality and reliability.