Tips To Choose Lithium-Ion Batteries

Mar 24th 2022

Tips To Choose Lithium-Ion Batteries

With heads around the world huddled together for finding ways to reduce carbon footprint, it becomes more important to look for energy storage systems that assure prolonged storage and greater efficiency. One such reliable storage systems are the lithium-ion batteries that are being readily used by more and more people owing to the many benefits they offer.

However, choosing the right lithium-ion battery requires you to think through some factors. In this blog, we enlist a few of the ways you can select the right lithium-ion energy storage battery that serves the purpose it is being purchased for.

Important Characteristics To Look For In The Battery

The important characteristics that help determine the right lithium-ion battery are:

  • Voltage: the source of power
  • Charge rate: the speed at which the battery charges
  • Energy density: amount of energy stored per battery per l or kg
  • Safety: conformity with safety standards
  • Operating temperature range: the temperature range in which it is safe to use the battery
  • Service life: the period during which the battery provides sufficient power input and output

Things To Consider When Selecting The Lithium-Ion Battery

As with anything, you first have to consider the purpose of usage that helps you with finding an adequate battery.

Some of these considerations might be:

  • The surrounding temperature of the area where the battery is to be installed. Whether you are placing it indoors, outdoors, cold or hot area, all need to be decided from the start
  • For which machine or system do you intend to purchase the battery. You can use it in robots or automobiles as well as other energy storage system
  • The duration of use. Depending on what you intend to use it for, you have to see how long the battery operates. It can be for a prolonged time or just in case of emergencies

Battery Requirement According To Application

Application Battery Requirement
Large system with a high power output Batteries with high power
Compact battery size More dense batteries
Battery-powered system in a crowded area Proven safety standards
Low maintenance batteries Durable batteries
Rapid charging High charge rate
Lower surrounding temperature Extended operating temperature range

These are a few of the determining factors that you have to think through before purchasing a lithium-ion energy storage battery. Once you have all the answers to the above factors, consult a battery manufacturer to get a battery that fulfills all the aspects of the application and saves you time, money, and energy!