Why Committing to Greener Telecom Networks is Essential

Mar 30th 2022

Why Committing to Greener Telecom Networks is Essential

The energy costs for telecom operators globally are already high and account for around five percent of the operating expenditure. Many of the emerging markets that have low grid coverage have to supply their own power using generators, which causes a 7 percent increase in the expenditure.

5G services and their exponential growth has resulted in this growing energy challenge. Despite their energy efficiency, the proposed use of 5G and new spectrum bands require more mobile sites. Each of the sites would require two or three times more power with an equal increase in the number of data centers. All this means more energy use and costs. Given how telecom has served to be a lifeline during the pandemic and interminable quarantine hours, its importance cannot be disregarded.

Today, it thus faces the challenge of an increase in data demand along with the mandatory check on its carbon emissions since all that it makes use of is carbon-intensive. It is for this reason that Liniotech offers its Telecom battery pack that can help save the day!

A Sustainable Finance Plan Help

The International Telecommunication Union has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% if it is to comply with the Paris Agreement. Therefore, they are turning and committing to science-based targets for net-zero emissions. Such ambitious goals call for urgent actions that include making use of telecom battery packs where energy is stored so that there is less wastage and more conservation.

Decarbonizing the Energy System

You have to adopt a set of goals such as the substitution of no or low emission power sources, improved grid facility, improved energy efficiency, and use of carbon capture from fossil fuels for decarbonization. Companies choose energy systems and build the end-to-end supply chain, distribution to the firm, selection of the energy source, and consumption within the firm.

Commitment alone is not enough. Companies have to ensure transparency for energy sources and policy. There are many alternative and reliable energy sources that are subsidized and thus obscure the actual cost to the consumer and delay a legitimate competitive market for energy.

The telecom companies are accustomed to operating under transparency obligations. The consumers select their provider according to the traffic management disclosures. The companies leverage this expertise to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. With the purchasing of green energy, the telecom industries can drive the decarbonization of the energy system successfully.

The Types of Batteries Used for Telecommunication

The two primary types of telecom batteries used in the industry are:

  • lead-acid batteries
  • lithium-ion batteries

The lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are incredibly common. Therefore, you need to make sure that the battery you get are designed to be used in the telecom systems; otherwise, you might end up with a battery that has completely different power needs.

At Liniotech, you get a telecom battery pack designed especially to meet the needs of the telecom industry. The battery will help you reduce your carbon footprint through the use of a cleaner energy source as well as guarantee you energy efficiency. Place your orders now to get the most reliable, cleaner, and efficient source of energy.